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FBN getting farmers the health coverage they need

This year has been one of those years which has kept us focused on crop insurance, prevent plant acres, and yield loss. We have crop insurance to help us through these issues. However, among crop and property insurance, health insurance is sometimes overlooked as another necessity for producers. Farmers Business Network (FBN) is helping producers find a choice which works for them.

Charles Baron is a co-founder of FBN. He talks about the unique challenges farmers are facing when having to purchase health insurance. There is a staggering percentage of farms which have one person working off the farm just to get health insurance for the family.

Even though a catastrophic incident can not only be a hit to your insurance but your operation’s profitability, ten percent of farms do not carry health insurance. Baron says FBN is doing something to help producers.

FBN launched the program towards the end of the open enrollment period for health coverage and still saw some good results.

Baron discusses how they can save money for producers.

When the open enrollment period starts, FBN encourages producers to give them a try and see how much money they can save you.