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Farming without the help from the government

by Ben Nuelle LISTEN: money-matters-10-14-16

Imagine farming without the help of subsidies or payments from the government. That’s what life is like for New Zealand farmer Jane Smith.

Smith raises sheep and beef cattle. She says since the 1980s they’ve had no government support whatsoever.

“In fact, we probably go the other way which we have costs the government imposes on us being producers. Even though we are responsible for about 30 percent of the national GDP. We pay a lot of taxes to keep the hospitals and schools running but we still have to compliance to make sure we are meeting audit requirements so health and safety. No government support in terms as subsidies.”

Smith adds as farmers we really need to make sure we’re really involved in making sure our product is competitive.

“Even worse than that, we get tariffs when we go overseas.”

Smith participated in a Global Farmer Roundtable in Des Moines earlier this week.