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Farming Practices for Applying Fertilizer

Peyton Harper, The Fertilizer Institute, speaks at L.I.F.T. Summit in Minneapolis, MN.

Increasing yield is something every farmer strives to do in order to make more money. One way you can increase yields is through fertilizer application. The Fertilizer Institute offers four things farmers should know when spreading fertilizer this fall.

Peyton Harper is with The Fertilizer Institute in Washington, DC. He says reaching high yields from the farm prospective really comes down to the proper use of fertilizers. Harper says farmers should follow the 4R Nutrient Stewardship Program.

“4R Nutrient Stewardship means applying the right fertilizer source at the right rate, the right time, and the right place in order to have the greatest uptake in utilization by each individual crop. Using site specific best management practices for each operation and each climate, region, and geography, Harper said.

He says education is about this program is important.

“In many cases, many farmers who are reaching high yields and goals are implementing a 4R strategy in their own way, it is essential we update them, reach out to them on 4R best management practices that have been laid out. Whether it is through certified crop advisors, farm retailers or any other type of individual research going on in that area,” Harper said.

Harper adds not only is it important for farmers to understand but also for people in urban areas.

He says overall fertilizer utilization and 4R Nutrient Stewardship will continue to help feed the world population.