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Farmers want data transparency

AUDIO: Phil Pitzenberger, farmer near Greene, Iowa

AUDIO: Eric Wedig, FBN data operations

Farmers constantly look for ways to save money. One way is using data to manage their bottom line. But understanding it must be simple. An Iowa grower says this is what attracted him to a farmer-led network which specializes in just that.

Phil Pitzenberger farms near the town of Greene. He is a member of the Farmers Business Network.

“I’ll upload my planting data, so they will have all my hybrids and what farms (they are on). In the fall, I will upload my harvest data and they blend them together so I (know what’s going on). Then I can see what my neighbor has done, so I can see how I’m doing against my peers,” Pitzenberger says.

He points out he doesn’t mind entering data because it is done anonymously.

Eric Wedig runs data operations for FBN.

He says the biggest thing farmers like right now is being able to bring a lot of data together from a lot of different means.

“They could have green combine, a blue planter, and different monitor in the sprayer and be able to put that all in one platform. But it’s taking it a step further by having transparency of the industry is what they like,” Wedig says.

The Farmer2Farmer Conference took place in Omaha last week.