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Farmers Urged to Plan Inputs for 2017

by Ken Root


Freeze up. Game over for farmers in 2016.

Tim Berkland is an Agronomy Marketing Manager for Growmark. His territory is most of the state of Iowa.

In Football speak, he says farmers had a long fourth quarter, but now its time to get ready for next year. He reviews the game film and offers help in putting fertility back in the soil and keeping costs down for 2017.

“When you can identify areas that are low and especially areas that are strong yielding areas, you can make better decisions. One of the ways to best allocate is with precision ag technology. More and more combines have yield monitors in them.”

Berkland is interested in working with farmers who want to spread out their nitrogen application to get the most use of every unit applied.

“It’s good environmentally, and it reduces your risk of loss. When you’re splitting it up you’re reducing that risk of mother nature. A lot of times we encourage to just try it, get a feel for first. Always stick to what you know.”