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Farmers to plant more LibertyLink beans next year

Photo by Ben Nuelle

AUDIO: David Tanner, Bayer Crop Science

A study finds LibertyLink acres are projected to increase by more than 25 percent in 2018.

Bayer Crop Science released results from an independent market research survey last week. Results revealed the LibertyLink® system was the highest rated trait platform of the year.

David Tanner is LibertyLink herbicide product manager.

“The LibertyLink system leads with the excellent superior weed control. That was the top-rated attribute they were looking at. It was superior weed control against tough to control driver weeds,” Tanner says.

Growers across 21 states were asked about their level of satisfaction with their soybean trait platforms. The results also revealed that better control of resistant weeds was the most important factor in a seed trait decision.

“Liberty is a unique mode of action. It is unlike glyphosate and dicamba. With Liberty, there is no known resistance in broad acre crops, so we still have a highly effective tool,” Tanner says.

He says they’ve been fortunate growers have been using the product correctly.

“We know when they apply it the right way they are getting optimal satisfaction. They are helping steward chemistry and as the only continuing working non-selective herbicide, we want to maintain that effectiveness with tough-to-control weeds.”

Growers across the country anticipate planting more than 17 million acres of LibertyLink soybeans. The survey was conducted by Kynetec.