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Farmers should get ARC and PLC payments next week

by Ben Nuelle LISTEN: money-matters-9-29-16

Farmers who signed up for ARC and PLC programs with the Farm Service Agency should get a check soon.

Kevin McClure is Chief Program Specialist at the FSA- Iowa office.

He says farmers who enrolled in Agriculture Risk Coverage or Price Loss Coverage should receive payments beginning next week.

“We’ve got 2015 ARC and PLC payments being worked on right now. For the ARC county program, yields are currently being put together by crop by county. The Secretary will make those announcements once everything is official.”

McClure says they do have projected prices on their website.

“Right now for corn they are projecting $3.60 and I think for soybeans it was $8.95. Those are not final prices yet of the marketing year average price. We are looking at projected for making payments the first week in October so that process is in the works.”

He says the price itself is a national price.

“We’re looking at a marketing year average nationally and that works through the NASS process. It is the yields that are a county by county basis. They start out using NASS data and then they have formulas they use from there. As far as the ARC county program goes, you are looking at a specific yield for the crop for the county. We do not go to the producer level. It is a county level yield.’

ARC and PLC payments where authorized under the 2014 Farm Bill.