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Farmers National Company partners with Climate Fieldview

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Managing the farming operation has never been a simple task. Even though cell phones and tablets have replaced maps, seed corn pocket notebooks, and file cabinets; we still must keep track of the same information. It is just that now, digital tools have put it all at the tips of our fingers. We can also compare data with other times in the growing season, or in other seasons altogether.

Managing a farm in a day when more landowners are absentee but still want to know that their assets are being properly run, has led us to a day and age where we need these streams of data to be put together in a comprehensive way that is easy for managers to share with whoever needs to see it.

It is in this spirit that Farmers National Company (FNC), a leading agricultural and mineral owner services company has partnered with Bayer’s Climate Fieldview, a leader in digital agricultural technology, to bring these assets to their managers in the field. Grant Fitzgerald is the Vice President of Farm Operations at FNC. He talks about the partnership, and why it is a good fit for FNC.

Fitzgerald says this tool will help their farm managers around the country be able to use the best assets possible. Thus, leading to better collaboration with the landowners.

The partnership is already effective and rolling out to FNC clients.

We will have the full interview with Grant Fitzgerald coming up on next Monday’s edition of Ag Matters PM.