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Farmers Look to Maximize Efficiency in New Year

Hoosier Ag Today by: Cayla McLeland

AgroLiquid – Biologicals in 2016

Dow AgroSciencesWill 2016 be a year of big yields or a more efficient crop? That will be the question as farmers look to maximize their inputs and cut costs where they can. Lonny Smith, Marketing Manager for Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers, says farmers are going to plant a crop; it’s figuring out how efficient they can be.

“I think the takeaway is that we’ve got to do what’s best for the crop, we’ve got to do what we can to produce optimal yield, not necessarily our biggest yield. We’ve got to be smart about it and we have to use products that allow us to do that most efficiently.”

As Smith notes, farmers will forego late application to save money during the growing season.

“I don’t really think that story is going to be told until all the numbers come in and we see inventories carried over. We see what that does to our price and our futures going forward. The bottom line is economics. The ability of the farmer to be sustainable and produce a yield that allows him to take care of his family. When that story is finally told and we see where things are going to go six to eight months out, I think that’s when we are going to see a lot of decisions and know how far exactly behind or ahead of the eight ball we really are.”

Smith says they are making a big push toward biological products that  stimulate the microbes in the soil.

“It helps to break down organic matter and make things work better. It’s exciting to hear that in the industry because as a company we’ve always been manufacturing our products in such a way that they do stimulate the soil biology in the area of application.”

Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers, as Smith puts it, is taking it to the next step.

“We’re working on technology now that we’re releasing next year that incorporates actual living populations of bugs and fertility nutrient analysis and enhancements that will allow that soil profile to become more effective through the biology.”

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