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Farmers’ income share from holiday meals shrinking

Photo courtesy of the National Farmers Union (NFU)

We have now entered the holiday season. Everybody is finishing off those Thanksgiving leftovers and is gearing up for Christmas. As everyone got together to count their blessings, American farmers discovered they had fewer blessings to count this year.

Source: National Farmers Union

The National Farmers Union released the results of their annual study to show how much income American producers receive for the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. On average, farmers make 11.3 cents on every food dollar spent on holiday meals.

National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson hopes this study can bring awareness to consumers. Consumers may be getting a little bit better price on their food, but the share for the American farmer is also decreasing.

Johnson says the “integrators” of the poultry industry are using their buying power to increase their profits while suppressing the income of farmers.

Johnson says consumers don’t want to see American Farmers fail, but it is exactly what is happening in the current market.