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Farmers encouraged to look at conservation opportunities

Photo Courtesy of CF Industries

On Tuesday the Iowa Soybean Association held their 4R Plus Field day in Boone at the Iowa State University Extension Education Field between Boone and Ames. We will hear from different participants in the program over the next few days.

During the 4R plus field day, we heard from Greg Wandrey, Iowa Agriculture Program Director at the Nature Conservancy. He coordinates the 4R Plus program. Wandrey says they are trying to educate producers on practices for them to look into implementing.

Wandrey says there is no reason for producers to feel like they need to “go big or go home” when it comes to implementing these practices. Producers can dip a toe into the water and see what works.

There should be no reason farmers cannot start looking into what could work for them. There have been and will be many chances for farmers to get educated on the 4R Plus program.