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Farmers Business Network offers another option for insurance

Source: Farmers Business Network (FBN)

Farmers Business Network (FBN) has based their business model on bringing options to producers to help them navigate tight operating margins. Last summer, we talked to them about jumping into the seed business. Now, they have entered the crop insurance business.

Audio: Full Interview with Joel Akers of Farmers Business Network 

Joel Akers of FBN gives us some background on the decision to get into the crop insurance business. He says insurance was a logical step for FBN because they like to show farmer members data-driven options, and those are what drives the insurance industry.

Akers says it isn’t about trying to sell producers on the products they offer but rather help the farmer streamline the program to work best for their operation and find which provider can fit their need.

Akers tells us about the tool available to members, which allows producers to look through 30 years’ worth of crop-insurance data. With this information, producers can make decisions based on what works in their county.

More information can be found on the FBN website, or by calling 844-200-FARM (3276)