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Farm to school conference in Ankeny

Farm to School Conference. Photo by Dustin Hoffmann

Consumers have been showing an ever-increasing interest in just where their food is coming from. The patronage of farmer’s markets is on the rise. We hear about “farm-to-table”. But one movement gaining momentum is “farm-to school.”

Audio: Lynn Heuss Interview 

The Farm to School conference was held over the weekend in Ankeny. It was a chance to have people from all over the state get together and talk about how to get locally produced food products into schools. Lynn Heuss of Iowa State Extension gives us some background on the conference.

Heuss believes the program is not only good for the schools and the health of the children, but can also contribute to local revitalization of rural Iowa communities.

Heuss also says that having local farm to table options is not to meant to diminish conventional production agriculture. It is another way of educating consumers and providing another food option.