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Farm Bureau encourages farmers to advocate during August recess

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The House of Representatives has already adjourned for the August recess and the Senate will do the same starting next week. Even though the August recess was started for meteorological reasons, it is still observed in Washington. Many lawmakers use it as a time to be home in their districts and hear from their constituents, or to campaign if they are up for reelection. House representatives usually use it for both.

AFBF Director of Grassroots Program Development Tom Donnelly talks about the history behind the August Recess.

The August recess provides constituents a prime opportunity to talk with their elected officials about policy and concerns. The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) is urging farmers and ranchers across the country to do just that. This opportunity cannot go to waste, especially if you are concerned about policies in the works.

Donnelly adds that the time to make your voice heard is now.

Now, the idea of advocacy can be scary. Sometimes you aren’t sure how to approach lawmakers and tell your story. Maybe you are really frustrated about a policy but want to make your position heard in a more calm and manageable manner. The AFBF has resources available to help you realize the best way to advocate and start an honest discussion about policy and the future of agriculture. Tom Donnelly tells where to find those resources.

In Iowa, one of the best opportunities is starting up next week. The Iowa State Fair attracts lawmakers at the state and federal levels. It’s not hard to find out where they will be. Many have opportunities to let you speak to them directly about what concerns you have. Take the opportunity. It may be your best chance to help make a real difference to the future of agriculture.

Many Iowa lawmakers are going to stop by the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network tent during the 2022 Iowa State Fair. Stop on by, and you may have a chance to talk to them directly.