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F2F Genetics will help you reduce seed input costs

In the years we have been having, the profit margins are being squeezed as tightly as possible. Farmers are double-checking and reevaluating their yearly plans. Farmers Business Network (FBN) wants you to know they can help you cut down on your seed input costs with their hybrid offerings.

Ron Wulfkuhle is head of seed for FBN. He says while production is important, he says farmers need to remember it is also about making money. Your farm is a business. Wulfkuhle says this id the discussion they are having with farmers.

You may be wondering how they are able their genetics at only $110 dollars a bag. Wulfkuhle says it is about rethinking the supply chain.

Wulfkuhle also says some farmers wonder about the term “generic.” He says you can rest assured the F2F seed genetics are all brand new out of research. The traits are what are generic. Wulfkuhle says these are the same traits you can buy from the big guys.

You may also be curious how their hybrids are staking up against the brands farmers have been familiar with for decades. Wulfkuhle tells us exactly how F2F is stacking up.

 Wulfkuhle says the word is getting out to farmers. Orders these past few weeks have already exceeded what they saw the entire year before.

If you are looking for some “Black Friday” deals on your inputs, Wulfkuhle says FBN and F2F genetics has a deal for you.

 For more information, go to the Farmers Business Network Website.