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Expanding U.S. pork offerings in Mexico

Source: Wikipedia

U.S. Meat Export Federation officials are looking to expand offerings of United States pork in Mexico.

A rebound in U.S. pork exports to Mexico has retailers excited about what lies ahead.

Gerardo Rodriguez, U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) marketing director for Mexico, says USMEF officials are confident about the bounce back in U.S. pork exports in this market. He further speaks to efforts being done to support this growth long-term.

“We have been working with processors, the ones who make a difference in the volume,” Rodriguez said. “Mexico is a big bone-in-ham market. Fifty-five percent of the products being exported to Mexico is one-product, bone-in-ham. We don’t want Mexico to be one product only. We believe Mexico is more than ham.”

United States red meat exporters continue to expand on opportunities for pork by offering a greater selection of products at easily accessible shopping locations. Convenience stores are one way industry representatives are trying to better reach Mexican consumers.

“We are expanding the market into other products and channel. For the first time, we are working with convenience stores,” Rodriguez said. “ In Mexico, we have a problem with childhood obesity. We want to provide U.S. pork and other red meats as a high protein option for kids. Convenience stores are just one channel for them to have an availability of products, such as this one.”

Furthermore, Rodriguez relays early successes from this effort. Healthy, high protein products, such as pork, coming from the United States will be offered in 6,000 convenience stores nationwide, offering a variety of alternatives to consumers.