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EU approves Bayer/MS Technologies stacked soybean

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Final export approval has been granted for a stacked herbicide resistant soybean with 3 modes of action. The third herbicide clearance is pending in the US for 2019 introduction.

Bayer and MS Technologies have received approval from the European Union for a soybean that is not yet named except by its two GMO events: FG72 and LL55. FG72 is Balance GT and LL55 is Liberty Link.

The goal is to have as broad spectrum weed control against resistant weeds as soon as possible. Several weed species are now resistant to virtually every herbicide

A third herbicide called Balance Bean is pending EPA Registration for use in soybeans.  If achieved the field can be treated with glyphoste, glufosinate and IFT, according to David Thompson with MS Technologies.

Thompson explains that the EU Approval is the final leg in getting full export authority since China has already approved both herbicides.

The new EU approval for soybean imports and pending EPA Approval of another herbicide tolerant trait, is the next generation for this combined effort of Bayer and MS technologies.

Thompson says seed beans will be grown this year with resistance to all three herbicides and, pending EPA approval, will be sold to growers in 2019.

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