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Ernst cosponsoring bills to prioritize Corps flood responsibilities

Screenshot captured from Senator Joni Ernst's YouTube Channel

Since the flooding in Iowa began back in March, there have been discussions concerning the priorities of the Army Corps of Engineers’ flood control priorities. Iowa Senators Grassley and Ernst have been vocal on making sure human life and property is at the top of the list.

Audio: Dustin asks Senator Ernst about gaining legislative support for bills 

On Thursday, Senator Joni Ernst told reporters about two bills she is cosponsoring to reprioritize the Corps’ responsibilities during flooding. While the Senator is happy to see the Corps doing more to communicate with communities in the flood zones, she says more needs to be done.

One of the concerns shown is that human life and property is lower on the corps list of priorities than endangered species and water recreation. Ernst has repeatedly said this needs to change. Ernst says support will not be a matter of bipartisanship, but a matter of geography. Upstream states versus downstream states.

On a more positive, flood-related note: The Trump administration and FEMA have extended the incident reporting periods for Iowa flooding. Ernst says this is a rare moment for Iowa citizens. As flooding has been ongoing for three months, the President saw the need to extend the end date for this incident.