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EPA wants to be agriculture’s partner

Last Friday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) green-lighted the rule allowing year-round E15 sales. However, in the wake of small refinery wavers, the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule, and other regulations; the EPA hasn’t seemed to be the greatest friend of the American Farmer. Will this E15 rule be the start of a better partnership?

Audio: Jim Gulliford Region 7 EPA Administrator 

EPA Region 7 Administrator Jim Gulliford recently spoke at the grand opening of the Elite Octane ethanol facility in Atlantic, IA. This was the same day EPA announced the rule allowing E15 year-round. Gulliford opened his remarks by saying the EPA wants to be agriculture’s partner.

Gulliford said the process of getting to the final E15 rule was meant to be very transparent and considered the needs and concerns of industry stakeholders and corn producers.

Gulliford says this rule is vital to the success of agribusiness, farmers, and rural economies.

The EPA’s next chance to prove they are truly an ally of agriculture will be with the announcement of the Renewable Volume Obligations for next year and how they handle 2018 small refinery waiver requests.