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EPA holds listening session over proposed RFS rule

Photo courtesy of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

On October 15th the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) took biofuels supporters by surprise when they released a supplemental rule to the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) that went completely in the opposite direction of an agreement reached in the Oval Office just 11 days prior. Wednesday, in Ypsilanti, Michigan, supporters and opponents of the biofuels industry made their opinions heard.

The comments in support of the biofuels came in from many groups and individuals. Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor says EPA has tilted the tables in favor of big oil companies, at the expense of the American Farmer.

Iowa Biodiesel Board Chairman Brad Wilson said, “farmers fear for the future, while big oil enjoys record profits. The proposal was supposed to alleviate uncertainty in the marketplace and get biofuels facilities back up and running. Instead, it has led to more uncertainty.”

Iowa Corn Growers Association President Jim Grief testified that like many Iowa Farmers, he is suffering from the demand destruction caused by the EPA. He called the proposal, “a trick, not a treat.”

Katie James of the Iowa Soybean Association told the panel farmers and rural communities in Iowa are in jeopardy, and EPA is not helping the situation.

Iowa Agriculture Secretary Mike Naig told the group that Iowa cannot afford to sit idly by, and that a deal is a deal.

The proposed supplemental rule was submitted to the Federal Register on Monday, and the comment period is open for everyone to make their voices heard.