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EPA approves Monsanto herbicide after ten year delay

by Ben Nuelle

About ten years past due, the Environmental Protection Agency approves Monsanto’s XtendiMax herbicide.

The EPA approved Monsanto’s XtendiMax herbicide last week.

Ryan Rector is Monsanto Technology Development Manager.

“We are excited we’ve got that over the top approval with XtendiMax with vapor grip technology for use in Round Up Ready 2 Extend Soybeans.”

The registration is for only two-years and conditional.

“Now that we have our actual label, what we’re able to do over these next few months as we’re in between our growing season is go out to the market and start working with customers and retailers to training everyone on how can we be good stewards of the technology.”

University of Illinois extension weed scientist Aaron Hager says there are some caveats though.

“We certainly look forward to having the technology but we really want folks to also be aware about several statements on the label on how this product is actually going to be used.”

The label restricts application height to no more than 24 inches. Speed to no more than 15 mph, allows for only one type of spray nozzle, does not allow application during a temperature inversion or when wind speeds exceed 15 mph. There is an in-field down-wind buffer of 110 feet. XtendiMax is labeled for use on dicamba resistant soybeans.