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Enlist System gets 2015 Workout

Hoosier Ag Today by: Cayla McLeland

Enlist Stewarded Program Shows Positive Results

jonathan SiebertFarmers across the Corn Belt got to put the Enlist Weed Control System to the test on their farms in 2015 and get a good look at how crops were affected with volatile weather conditions.

While Dow AgroSciences awaits key export approvals for the Enlist Weed Control System, farmers are getting a chance to try it out in their fields. Jonathon Siebert with Dow says the stewarded introduction for corn and in soybeans with The Field Forwarded program was a success in Indiana.

“The comments from growers have been overwhelmingly positive,” he told HAT. “So not only do we have clean fields, which is what we’re shooting for with Enlist, but the germ plasm also formed extremely well so we had good stand ability with our corn, very good yields with the corn and soybeans. Growers were extremely pleased with their first test drive of the system.”

Siebert says this year they had to adhere to stewardship requirements, “because we didn’t have all of our foreign import approvals in place. So we were looking growers that were Mycogen customers that had utilized some of our hybrids in the past and that had the ability to feed on-farm. We made sure we didn’t have any of this grain that entered the channel and wound up in a foreign market where we didn’t have approval. That was our number one primary goal was to make sure we stewarded this properly and we were very successful in doing that.”

The wet weather obviously created some weed control issues; Siebert says the flexibility on Enlist helped farmers combat pesky weeds.

“In spite of some of the weather concerns we still had good weed control. We were able to get out there and make applications of our Enlist Duo and ended up with clean fields at the end of the season which is what our growers are really excited about.”

When will Enlist finally be available to growers? Siebert provides a projected timeline.

“The system is fully enabled but we are waiting on some key import approvals, primarily China from a corn and soybean standpoint. Really that’s what we’ve been waiting on for this year and for next year in terms of what we’re going to do from a commercial launch perspective. We anticipate we will have those approvals and we can commercially launch corn and cotton in 2016. From a soybean standpoint, we’re still assessing when we get those approvals what we’ll do from a soybean standpoint.”

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