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Effective weed control options for the future

Photo courtesy of Valent U.S.A.

The majority of fields have been sprayed this spring, but it’s never too early to look ahead to next year, especially when it comes to the uncertainty surrounding dicamba products.

Valent USA issued a new FIFRA 2 (ee) recommendation to ensure growers have effective post-emergence weed control options. John Pawlak, Valent product development manager, says the recommendation stems from a recent court ruling on three dicamba products, which stripped growers of “a great option for controlling waterhemp, palmer amaranth, and common and giant ragweed.”

“Valent has come out with the 2 (ee) combination of Cobra, Perpetuo, and glyphosate,” Pawlak said. “This is a broad spectrum herbicide recommendation that will control most weeds in the field, as well as provide residual control of annual grasses and amaranthus species.”

Cobra, alone, offers postemergence control over 54 broadleaf weeds, according to Pawlak. The broad spectrum weed control option also offers additional benefits, such as no impact with crop rotations.

“There are a number of PPOs that can be used up to a certain point. With Cobra, you can make that application now and plant field corn next year without any rotational concerns,” Pawlak said. “There are other PPO products that are effective, but have rotational concerns for field corn.”

Farmers considering the new FIFRA 2 (ee) recommendation must abide by different application parameters, according to Pawlak.

“Cobra and Resource are PPO herbicides, contact herbicides that require good coverage,” Pawlak said. “In order for these products to work, we’ll need higher gallonage – 15 to 20 gallons per acre – higher pressure – 40 pounds per square inch – and nozzles that provide medium droplets.”

For more information on these products, visit www.valent.com.