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EasyKnock acquires FarmlandFinder

Photo by FarmlandFinder

EasyKnock, the leading residential sale-leaseback solution, today announced that it has acquired FarmlandFinder, the first sale-leaseback provider for farmland in the U.S. The acquisition enhances EasyKnock’s offering, bringing the sale-leaseback model, with the flexibility, liquidity, and control it provides, to a broader audience.

Launched in 2016, Des Moines-based FarmlandFinder is the first online marketplace for farmland, delivering transparency and liquidity to the agricultural real estate market.  The mission-driven company provides a digital, data-driven framework for farmland transactions.

“FarmlandFinder is an innovative platform addressing challenges of U.S. farmers,” Jarred Kessler, founder and CEO of EasyKnock, said. “Today’s acquisition brings FarmlandFinder’s platform and expertise to EasyKnock, strengthening our offering and our commitment to providing new ways for homeowners and now landowners to convert their equity to cash.”

“We’re thrilled to continue to build our offering as part of the EasyKnock team,” FarmlandFinder founder and CEO Steven Brockshus said. “The addition of our rural farmland offering with EasyKnock’s products, platform, and reach is a powerful new option for more Americans looking for liquidity.”

EasyKnock, a residential sale-leaseback platform, enables American homeowners to convert their equity to cash by selling the property to EasyKnock while remaining in the home they love as a renter. Personalized to customer needs, EasyKnock gives homeowners greater flexibility and control over their financial futures.