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Early weed pressure in Iowa corn

Photo courtesy of BASF

Planting is now in the rearview mirror in Iowa cornfields. As the plants have emerged and are getting established, we are seeing the focus switch to weed control programs and post-emergence applications. So, what are we seeing in Iowa fields in these first few days of June?

Mark Storr is a Technical Services Representative with BASF. He says the dry conditions during the planting season did not give ample activation to many pre-emerge herbicides. Because of this, producers need to be vigilant on the post-emerge program.

Storr says we are seeing a start to warm-season annuals in Iowa cornfields. It is a Hodge Podge of various grasses and broadleaf weeds. He runs down some of the more frequent offenders in 2021.

Storr says this is the time of the year when he sees Iowa farmers turning their sprayers loose on their fields. While many products can be used all the way up to V-8 corn, Storr discourages waiting that long. The corn could prevent a lot of the herbicide from being effective.

Storr runs down some BASF products that are available to farmers to offer effective treatment in your post-emerge herbicide strategies. He recommends Status® or Armezon® and Armezon® PRO. The latter gives you flexible options in your weed control plans.

For more information on BASF herbicide options, visit your local BASF retailer.