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Duvall reflects on first year as AFBF president

by Ben Nuelle

The American Farm Bureau Federation is gearing up their annual convention in Phoenix this Friday.

The convention takes place Friday through Wednesday January 11th.

Georgia farmer, Zippy Duvall has now served one year as president of AFBF.

“We’ve had an exciting year as far as organizationally. We’ve had the opportunity to speak to GMO labeling, we’ve worked on TPP and several issues we’ve been very active on.”

Duvall says he spent a lot of his time living out the commitments he made as president.

“I’m a Georgia boy. I know southern agriculture and I promised the rest of the country I would come to their community and learn how the issues affect them like in the West, Northeast, and Midwest. I’ve done that. I’ve been to 28 states and hopefully in the first two years of my term I will try to go to all 50. I’m well on my way to do that.”

Duvall adds it’s been exciting saying he experienced the warm hospitality of farmland across America and it’s been a great experience.