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DuPont works with Sumitomo Chemical on seed-applied technologies

Source: Wikimedia Commons

DuPont and Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan form a global agreement to collaborate on the development, registration and commercialization of seed-applied technologies for use in key crops around the world.

The companies base their collaboration on a shared objective to accelerate the development and commercialization of novel seed-applied technologies to improve early plant growth and yields.

Mick Messman serves as director of DuPont’s Seed Applied Technologies. Messman says DuPont looks forward to collaborating with Sumitomo Chemical Company.

“The Sumitomo Chemical portfolio and pipeline will complement the investments DuPont has made in discovery, development and commercialization of seed-applied products,” Messman said. “Partnering with Sumitomo Chemical early in the development process enables us to create higher performing seed-applied products for our customers.”

Sumitomo Chemical advances in the chemical and biological pipeline, while DuPont’s Crop Protection specializes in advanced seed technology, development and commercialization capability.

Kimitoshi Umeda serves as associate officer and general manager of AgroSolutions Division-International at Sumitomo Chemical Company. Umeda says through the partnership, the companies will complement each other’s work.

“Partnering with DuPont affords access to advanced seed technology. “When evaluated in combination with our seed protection and enhancement solutions, we will generate new opportunities to develop complementary and novel seed-applied technologies for growers around the world,” Umeda said.

Collaborations between DuPont and Sumitomo Chemical’s regional affiliate, Valent U.S.A. LLC, will focus on the North American region. The collaboration could provide potential expansion opportunities to multiple markets globally.