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DuPont Pioneer launches new soybeans

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Speaking to reporters via conference call Wednesday, DuPont Pioneer Public Relations Manager Jerry Harrington, Senior Soybean Marketing Manager Don Schafer and Soybean Product Development Research Scientist Jessie Alt discussed the successor to Pioneer’s Y-Series soybeans, the T-Series. The soybeans will be available to producers in the 2013 season with 39 varieties. For DuPont Pioneer, the announcement marks the largest number of soybean introductions in a single year.

You can read a more detailed explanation of the soybean varieties by clicking this link to Pioneer’s website.

But what about producers’ bottom lines? DuPont Pioneer Senior Soybean Marketing Manager Don Schafer told reporters that higher performance is the goal, which is achieved using the evolving Aceelerated Yield Technology (AYT) process.

34 of the 39 varieties will carry the Roundup Ready gene. There are two new Plenish high oleic varieties, 5 new products with the LibertyLink gene and two new varieties with the Roundup Ready/STS stack. 32 of the products are soybean cyst nematode-resistant, and 29 carry a major Phytophthora-resistant gene.