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DuPont acquires Granular, assists farmers with business management

AUDIO: John Chrosniak, Vice President of Strategic Planning for DuPont Pioneer

DuPont amps up their digital farming platform with the acquisition of a farm management software company.

DuPont acquired San Francisco-based Granular last month. John Chrosniak serves as vice president of strategic planning for DuPont Pioneer. Chrosniak said the acquisition allows DuPont to build off of the agronomic software business, Encirca ®.

“In discussions about ‘What else can we do,” one thing (farmers) continued to bring up was, ‘We like the way you help us grow our crop, and we want you to help us with our businesses,’” Chrosniak said. When it came together, we said, ‘It’s about managing the business of farming better.’ We looked at companies in the space, Granular was the clear leader. By combining Encirca ® and Granular, we were able to significantly improve our farmers’ operations, both in the field and business office.”

Chrosniak outlines the products and services Granular offers.

“The most noteworthy (product) is the farm management software,” Chrosniak said. “Essentially, it allows you to manage various elements of your operation, from planning to spending to nitrogen application. It gives you a provident law statement on a field-to-field basis and allows insight into your operation from a very detailed financial level.”

Granular also offers Acre Value. Chrosniak described the product as “Zillow for farmland.”

“It gives growers a chance to evaluate land; how much could it potentially be worth, does it fit into their operation and would they consider investing in or acquiring it,” Chrosniak said.