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DTN’s Anderson Says Cold Weather Is Coming but Snowfall Should be Minimal

by Ken Root

Bryce Anderson Full Interview 

A well known and respected meteorologist says the weather is changing. It is going to get cold.

Bryce Anderson is Chief meteorologist at DTN. He gives his prediction of Midwest weather in the month ahead.

“The situation with the very warm temperatures that we had in November is coming to an end. During the next 10 days it is going to feel a lot more like winter, especially late next week. The temperatures are going to get into the teens for the overnight lows and highs only in the 30’s or so. It’s going to feel much colder because we’ve had this real mild stretch on temperatures.””

As far as precipitation Anderson says, “It looks to be pretty light. The rain and snow combination is going to total probably a quarter of an inch or so.” He doesn’t think a set up for a heavy snowstorm is near. He predicts that it will be below normal for the state.

Anderson indicates that a La Nina pattern is potentially forming. “We are starting to getting a more La Nina feel to the weather pattern,” he says.

However, the Southeastern part of the U.S. is in a drought. Anderson says there is relief in sight. “There is over the next week or so. We are getting some rainfall in the southeast right now. So, that is certainly helping out with the terrific dryness. They have a long ways to go. I think we will see some benefit in the next week to ten days. After that though, it looks like it’s going to be hard to bring consistent precipitation to that part of the country. ”