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Draft horses showcased in Super Bowl LIII commercial

Photo by Russ Parker

Anheuser-Busch exhausted a record amount on advertisement for Super Bowl LIII.

The short, five-and-a-half minutes of advertising was used to promote various beverages, including Budweiser. We highlight the celebrities, shown in this past year’s commercial. 

The Clydesdale team, from Fort Collins, Colorado, this week stopped by the Iowa State Fair. Todd Radermaker, Budweiser Clydesdale handler, shares the history behind the now eight-horse team.

“Back on April 7, 1933, August Busch Jr. presented a hitch of Clydesdale to his father to celebrate the repeal of prohibition. We’ve been going since then, April 7, 1993,” Radermaker said. 

Six horses later turned into 150, each being precisely vetted. 

“A lot of it is on size (and) the markings of the horse. We like them looking as similar as they can. The attitude comes naturally with these big horses,” Radermaker said.

The synchronized, eight-horse hitches travel across the United States, making brief appearances along the way. Handlers spend multiple hours at each stop, preparing each horse for performances.

“It all starts in the morning, after they’re fed,” Radermaker said. “They do about an hour’s worth of exercise. Then we start the grooming process, which includes washing their legs. They get washed before every performance. Then you move over to the harness. There’s two people that work each day on the harness for about four hours a piece. There’s about eight hours of prep time per performance.”