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Don’t be in a hurry when applying anhydrous this year

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It was less than an ideal fall, last year. There is still fieldwork from last fall which needs to be completed. The weather this spring is making the window even tighter. We get it. One Iowa agronomist is urging producers to take a breath, take your time, and do it right. Especially with your anhydrous ammonia applications.

Audio: Full interview with Karl Butenoff of Channel Seeds 

Karl Butenhoff is a Technical Agronomist for Channel seeds. He says farmers are hurrying and trying to get their anhydrous on as quickly as possible. Butenhoff reminds producers to take your time and wait for the right conditions. If you don’t, it won’t do your corn any good.

Butenhoff suggests going slower and making sure your anhydrous is getting deep enough into the soil.

What will this do to your corn seeds if you aren’t slowing down and doing it carefully?

Butenhoff says if you have any questions about anhydrous applications or any other agronomy questions, log on to agronomy section of the Channel website.