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Do not delay pre-emergent herbicide application

Photo courtesy of University of Minnesota Extension

The late spring has thrown a wrench in growers’ plans. However, an Enlist field specialist says farmers cannot let the cold, wet start to spring disrupt their weed treatment plans.

Enlist field specialist Andy Asbury says farmers need to stick to their plan for weed control, despite planting delays.

“They made the plan ahead of time. Even though Mother Nature has changed some things, you still need to stick to the plan,” Asbury said. “That plan is to have burndown followed by a true residual herbicide. That starts out the season correct.”

Asbury understands farmers are eager to get crops into fields. However, he encourages them to take their time. Asbury iterates the importance of shutting down the planter and pulling out the sprayer when weather conditions allow.

“My advice is to take some time because decisions made at this time of year will affect the crop all season,” Asbury said. “You need your pre-herbicide to get out there and get activated. Then you have time to plant. Planting can wait. You don’t want the weeds to take hold and get ahead of ya.”

Asbury adds weeds will steal nutrients and water from you plant, which will later result in yield loss. He says, “being proactive is the right way to spend your money.”

“They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that’s true in herbicides,” Asbury said. “Having it out there – timely and ahead of the weed – will save you money that you’ll throw at it later, in what I call ‘revenge treatment,’ when it’s too late to actually control the weed.”