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Dirty Hands

Thursday March 30, 2017

Jesus was indignant. He reached out his hand and touched the man.  -Mark 1:41

How dirty are your hands right now?

If you would have asked me this about a week and a half ago I would have answered “filthy.”

In Haiti, I ended up painting a school with blue oil based paint.

That week, my race was no longer white but it was blue.

Looking at my filthy hands made me think about what Jesus hands would have looked liked.

If we could have seen His hands they would have been dirty. They rarely would have been spotless.

Jesus hands held the hands of the lepers, who’s hands were so diseased that people couldn’t even look at him, let alone touch him.

Jesus hands held the prostitutes hands, who were doused in oils and perfumes to cover up the stench of the men from the night before.

Jesus hands held the tax collectors hands, who were covered in germs from the coins they had collecting.

Jesus didn’t keep His distance or His hands from the messy world that He entered into.

So, I ask you again….how dirty are your hands?

Prayer: “God, forgive me for having hands that are clean. Help me to get my hands messy by loving people that can be sometimes messy.”

-Whitney Flach