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“Dirty Dozen” report filled with misinformation

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Farmers try their best to grow a safe and sustainable food source. They face groups trying to make them look like they are the bad guy. If these groups are not flat out lying, they are misrepresenting the facts.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) last week released a report of what they call “The Dirty Dozen.” Dr. Steve Savage of the Crop Life Foundation says this list takes information gleaned from an annual USDA report that checks pesticide levels in organically and conventionally grown fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Savage explains the information EWG uses is correct, but is not presented objectively. The USDA finds that while over 99% of the produce tested has pesticide levels well within EPA food-level tolerances, there are a few products that are found to be in violation. It is these few products the EWG hand selects for their report.

The EWG cites their own research in the annual “Dirty Dozen” report, but fails to provide a link to the original USDA study, thus denying their target audience the chance to see the whole host of foods that are found to be complying with pesticide standards. Dr. Savage says the original USDA study is factual and a good source for the American consumer to use.