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Digital Agriculture opens new doors

by Ben Nuelle LISTEN: Money Matters 7-1-16

Late last month, the Federal Aviation Administration finalized the rules for commercial drone use. This concept of big data in agriculture has opened doors in agriculture.

Matt Darr is an associate professor in the department of Biosystems and Engineering at Iowa State University.

Darr says thinks many have a misconception about big data in Agriculture.

“When we feel that way there is a lack of trust in this industry and ultimately that leads to a lack of engagement.”

He says 2015 was the year of big data.

“There are so many major announcements in this space. New companies getting involved as well as industries that have been involved in agriculture for a long time starting to adopt and grow into this new space of digital agriculture.

Darr says profit benchmarking is a really strong production analysis process.

“That is frankly quite easy when you have yield maps today. If you have a yield map and you know what your cost of production is, you can create a profit map. So instead of looking at green and red being yield, you’re looking on a dollars and sense scale.”

Darr spoke at the 2016 Iowa Farm Bureau Economic Summit earlier this week.