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Despite conditions, your corn needs nitrogen

Photo courtesy of Wyffels Hybrids

The weather is dry and much of Iowa is in some sort of drought. Crop stress is never a good thing, especially when the corn is this young and trying to establish. That is why many farmers are being careful on any of their plans that could put additional stress on crops. We have talked with many agronomists who are cautioning farmers to hold off on herbicides, unless absolutely necessary, to avoid undue stress. However, there are some things that need to be taken care of, no matter what. One of those things is side-dressing nitrogen.

Eric Wilson is an Agronomy Manager with Wyffels Hybrids. He says that no matter the year, we are in the middle of the typical side-dressing season. We are setting the first yield component in this 2021 crop.

The dry conditions will play a factor in how farmers go about the task of applying nitrogen. Farmers will have to find what works best in their situation. However, Wilson says that there is still moisture in the soil, and that will help the nutrients get to the plant. If you wait too long and this drought persists, you may have lost the opportunity to do your crops some good.

Some of the corn crops in Northern Iowa also saw frost damage over Memorial Day Weekend. Wilson says that this should have no impact on getting your nitrogen applied.

Wilson says you really need to consult with your agronomist to find out what your needs are, depending on where in the state you are. Everybody is facing something just a little different.

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