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Des Moines-based FarmlandFinder launches online marketplace for farmland

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As generations have gone on, families start to spread around and suddenly they are owners of land several states away. Some people might have stayed around the farm and are looking to expand the operation. Whatever the situation is, the farmland market has exploded in recent years. Like with anything else, the internet is working to close those distances and help people buy and sell farmland across the country.

Audio: Full interview with FarmlandFinder Founder & CEO Steven Brockshus

FarmlandFinder is a new, Des Moines-based, online marketplace to buy and sell farmland acreage. Steven Brockshus is the Founder and CEO of FarmlandFinder. He gives us some background on how the system works. It is made up of a buyer network of farmers and investors. This allows those who are wanting to sell land to see what they can get for their property.

Buying farmland is not as simple as buying a piece of equipment. It involves the work of financers, lawyers, realtors, and others to make the transaction. If there is a great distance between the landowner and the parcel of land, FarmlandFinder can help make the process simple.

If you are a farmer looking to purchase more land, Brockshus walks you through the basics of what you need to do to create a buyer profile on FarmlandFinder.com.

Brockshus says that the need for a tool like this has really been growing with the increases we have seen in farmland transactions. Total farmland in the United States is valued at $2.5 trillion dollars. Ten percent of that has changed hands in the last five years. That averages out to around $50 billion dollars in farmland sales each of those five years.

Brockshus encourages all interested buyers and sellers of farmland to do some investigating on what FarmlandFinder can do for you.