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Demand is growing and the future is bright for Plenish® soybeans

We have talked in the past, as recently as this last summer, about the benefits of Pioneer’s Plenish® soybeans. We caught up with Pioneer’s Roger Theisen once again and talked about the increased optimism that Pioneer has with these soybeans. There has been an increase in demand, an increase in plantings, and plans to up the infrastructure for farmers to market these beans.

When we explore the increase in the popularity of this product, we must first start with plantings. Theisen talks about the acres of Plenish® soybeans doubling in the past years. As those acres have increased, so has the demand for the product. To keep up with demand, they need to see production double again. The key to making that possible is to bring more processors online to handle them. As of now, there are no processors in Iowa, but Northern tier counties have the luxury of marketing these beans just across our border with Minnesota.

Theisen says he would like to see the Plenish® footprint grow in Iowa and Illinois, where there are a lot of quality acres to be had. He said there are companies talking about options for processing these beans closer to these areas, but it is too early to know when that can happen.

Theisen says that marketing Plenish® oil to food companies has been a two-way plan. He explains how they are listening to the needs of the end-users.

To learn more about Plenish® soybeans, visit your local retailer or go to the Pioneer website.