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Demand for high oleic soybeans increasing: Sarah Vacek, Monsanto

DES MOINES, Iowa – High-oleic oil, whether it’s from soybeans or canola, is becoming more popular with consumers. High-oleic oil is high in monounsaturated fat, which lowers LDL (“bad”) cholesterol while keeping HDL (“good”) cholesterol stabel, in addition to being low in saturated fats and containing no trans fats, due to its non-hydrogenated nature.

That’s according to Monsanto’s quality traits product manager Sarah Vacek. Currently Monsanto is working on the final stages of regulatory approvals for Vistive Gold, its high-oleic soybean offering, in China and the European Union, with a commercial launch in 2016 pending approvals.

With field trials underway in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Vacek says high oleic soybeans like Vistive Gold offer producers an increase in profitability that they need to weigh with segregation costs on-farm. Apart from the determination of whether or not the beans will be stored on-farm or delivered upon fall harvest, Vacek says the growing process is idential to other soybean varieties.

She says one Ohio grower, United Soybean Board member John Motter, has put a pencil to his operating costs and pays himself $100 per hour from the premium offered to him by high-oleic soybeans.

To hear Vacek’s conversation with Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network reporter Brandon Blue, click the audio player above this story.