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Dekalb offers planting checklist for farmers

Money Matters 4-11-17

A few farmers in Southwest Iowa are already beginning to plant.

Dekalb Agronomist Sue Brahkane offers a few tips before the planter goes down.

“We have a planting checklist. Looking at what things we need to do to finalize spring touches before we go into the ground with seed then get the rest of your season rolling. Overall, make sure you have a good herbicide package plan. What can you take care ahead of the season? Start those fields clean whether you are doing tillage or burndown. Get the residual down so you can control the weeds upfront and plant into a clean bed. Then come back with a post system that will help take care of the spectrum in your field,” Brahkane says.

Brahkane says product placement is extremely important too.

“Can the [hybrid] handle poorly drained acres? It is heavily tiled but it is still a heavier acre as far as soil goes so higher clay content in a wetter year is still going to be wet but you are going to run the water off better with tile.”

Past diseases are something to keep in mind too.

“Have you had a Goss’s wilt issue? Do you have corn rootworm? Are you corn on corn? All the agronomic pieces that roll into how you plant that acre is important to understand how the product fits and how well it will perform.”

Other checklist items include knowing population, fertility management, and using quality seed treatment to combat insects and diseases.