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DEKALB Asgrow strengthens portfolio with XtendFlex soybeans

Photo courtesy of DEKALB Asgrow

The 2021 crop season is shaping up to be a good one.

Midwest farmers harvested this year’s crop early and completed fall fieldwork, more than Mother Nature allowed for in 2019. An agronomist shares how to get off on the right foot and excel through seed genetics in 2021.

Dan Koehler, DEKALB Asgrow technical agronomist, reflects on the past growing season. Koehler says it started off on a good note, but ended with variability.

“The DEKALB brand started on a good note,” Koehler says. “Our Acceleron seed applied solution got us off to a fast start, helping with vigor and early pathogens. The strong roots we established early helped us out, especially through the dry June we had.”

Key hybrid standouts included: DKC52-18RIB BRAND BLEND and DKC56-65RIB BRAND BLEND. The 102-day and 106-day hybrids, respectively, offered strong root systems and late season plant health, says Koehler.

Koehler encourages producers to “take a step back” to “analyze what happened this past year,” as they make plans for the upcoming crop season.

“They can do that by using their Climate FieldView tool. That’s an excellent tool for analyzing how hybrids and varieties did across their acres on different soil types and in different rotations,” Koehler says.

DEKALB Asgrow looks forward to offering XtendFlex soybeans, and providing growers with “another tool in the toolbox.”

“We had a number of plots across the nation. We compared them to the proven Roundup Ready Xtend genetics, and they did well and yielded better than our current lineup. We’re happy with the Asgrow XtendFlex varieties when it comes to yield,” Koehler says.

Learn more about DEKALB Asgrow’s 2021 offerings by visiting www.dekalbasgrowdeltapine.com.