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DEKALB agronomist gives Iowa crop update

Corn and Soybeans at Corteva Test Farm in Johnston, Iowa. (Photo by Dustin Hoffmann)

The weather’s been hot and getting hotter, which is putting some stress on crops around the state. This is compounded in the areas that have already been seeing drought conditions as well. DEKALB Asgrow technical agronomist Andrew Penney provided an update on the current crop conditions in Iowa.

Despite these drought conditions, Penney said we could still see great yields, as evidenced by last year’s crop.

As we’ve mentioned many times recently, most of the rainfall we get comes in the form of severe weather events. However, we need to strike a balance where we get enough rain while avoiding most of  the intense damage. Penney said the derechos caused a bit of wind damage to crops in the northern part of the state, especially with the surprise storm that happened overnight a few weeks ago.

Penney also provided an update on the pest and disease issues we’ve seen so far this year.

One of the most obnoxious perennial pests is the Japanese beetle. No matter what happens, it seems that we always see a huge explosion of them in the middle of the summer. Penney said even the larva can cause some real damage to young crops.

Penney added that the late planting in particular will have an impact on this year’s soybean crop.

With varying conditions, different regions have different needs. Penney explained what he thinks each region needs for the rest of the growing season.

For more information, visit with your local agronomist or head over to the DEKALB Asgrow website.