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Deere’s agreement with Monsanto terminates

Monsanto has chosen to terminate an agreement with Deere & Company to acquire the Precision Planting equipment business.

John Deere has also announced the termination of their Digital Ag Connectivity Agreement with The Climate Corporation.

Climate FieldView provides data storage, digital maps that help farmers analyze seed performance, and planting prescription and nitrogen monitoring tools to support the decisions farmers make every day to maximize their return on every acre.

John May, President, Agricultural Solutions and Chief Information Officer for John Deere said, “We are deeply disappointed in this outcome as we remain confident the acquisition would have benefited customers.”

In 2016, the U.S. Department of Justice brought legal action in an attempt to block the transaction. Deere and Monsanto were prepared to present their case for approval of the acquisition later this year.

May said, “With an opportunity to see this to conclusion, we believe it would have been clear the challenge to the transaction was based on flawed assessments of the marketplace.”

With planting well underway, farmers are assured that these announcements will have no impact on the connectivity between their John Deere equipment and Climate FieldView account.

The agreements that are being terminated are between the two companies and will not impact the Drive device, the Precision Planting 20/20 SeedSense® monitor, or John Deere’s Wireless Data Server.

“As a world leader in precision agriculture, John Deere will continue developing technology-based products and services to help customers improve the productivity and profitability of their operations,” May said.