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Dealing with resistant frogeye leaf spot in Iowa

Photo Courtesy of FMC

With the wet conditions we are dealing with this spring, it is a perfect recipe for some disease issues. Today, we are going to look at the instances of strobilurin-resistant frogeye leaf spot in Iowa.

Audio: Full Interview with FMC’s Brent Neuberger¬†

Frogeye leaf spot is no stranger to the fields of Iowa. However, in the past few years, we have witnessed an increase of strobilurin-resistant strains creeping further north. Brent Neuberger is the technical service manager for FMC in Iowa. He says the instances were high in an Iowa State University study.

Neuberger says farmers should just assume if they see signs of frogeye leaf spot, it will be the resistant strain. FMC has just rolled out a new fungicide called Lucento, which brings in a new combination of action modes to deal with this resistant strain.

Neuberger says even though we have time before frogeye leaf spot becomes a problem, it is a good idea to already be talking with your Ag retailers about options, including Lucento.

You can learn more about Lucento through the FMC website.