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DC Ag media outlet announces Farm Bill Summit

by Ben Nuelle

An Iowa Farm Bureau member hopes congress will get the ball rolling on a 2018 farm bill. Karen Seipold grows corn and soybeans in southwest Iowa. She is a delegate at Farm Bureau’s annual convention in Phoenix.

Seipold says it’s important congress doesn’t drag their feet with this one like in 2014.

“The farm bill can be such a delicate issue both in personal perspective and also public perspective so we have to keep that balance between food and nutrition and America’s farmers.”

Monday afternoon, Agri-Pulse Editor Sara Wyant announced they would run a seven-part series on the new farm bill sponsored by Farm Bureau.

“We believe the better-informed farmers can be, the more empowered they can be to be active in the political process. It is not our role to be able to make the policies but to help inform the decision making.”

Dale Moore is Executive Director of Public Policy at Farm Bureau.

He says they are open to all ideas when discussing the upcoming farm bill.

“We much prefer if those individuals like to come through the door and say ‘Hey would you guys like to sit down and work with us to come up with some ideas’ As opposed to tying it around a brick and tossing it through our window.”

A 2018 Farm Bill Summit will take place March 20th in Washington, D.C. at the National Press Club.