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Data company develops national digital plat book

Photo by Stan Shebs

by Ben Nuelle Listen: Money Matters 5-27-16

Is it time to throw out that plat book? A California-based company has a developed a digital one.

Granular, is a farm management software company that owns AcreValue which launched a national digital plat map earlier this week.

General Manager Tamar Tashjian says it’s now live on acrevalue.com.

“So you can think of it basically taking that physical plat book you drive around with and make it entirely digital. On your desktop, mobile phone, you can pull up AcreValue, locate the property you are interested in and find out who owns and when that information was last updated.”

Chris Seifert is Director of Agronomic Data Science at Granular.

“We work with an aggregator that gets feeds from all of the county offices. We have about 2,750 counties nationwide out of 3,000 and in Iowa we have around 85 out of the 99 counties where you can get this ownership data. It is just a super handy reference for anything from trying to scope out land sales to potentially going hunting and you want to ask that landowner permission to hunt.”

The data will be available in 46 states – for free!

AcreValue is the first to bring all counties together onto a national map – current plat maps are only available for individual counties.