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Dairy producers meet in Waverly for annual meeting

by Ben Nuelle LISTEN: Money Matters 6-16-16

June is national dairy month. Each Iowa dairy cow provides $23,460 directly and indirectly to the state’s economy. Producers met for the annual Dairy Iowa meeting in Waverly Tuesday. Iowa State Dairy Association President Larry Shover says there are several ways to promote a positive message with the industry.

“I think we need to remind people that each dairy cow provides $23,460 direct and indirect benefit to the state’s economy. The dairy cow is a marvelous animal that can take feed that we can’t utilize or don’t like very well and change them into very good for us and great tasting dairy products.”

Iowa is home to 1,300 dairy farmers. Shover says right now the industry is facing lower milk prices since high ones in 2014.

He says even with harder economic times; dairy farmers know they will make it through.

“Dairy people are gritty type people I would call them or take the long view. They realize this situation will not last forever and you don’t just get in and out of the business. You have to be there and stick around for the next cycle upwards hopefully.”

Shover adds Iowa has a progressive group of dairy farmers spread through multiple generations.