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Dairy producer working to solve hunger concerns

Logo courtesy of Feeding America

Agriculture producers have always been fervent supporters of food banks and using their goods to help feed those who do not know from where their next meal is coming. While many products are in high demand, dairy seems to be at the top of the list. The problem is that while it is the most requested of items, it is often the least donated. One dairy producer understands the situation first-hand.

Sam Schwoeppe owns Schwoeppe Dairy in Indiana and is also a Senior Account Manager at Feeding America. The organization operates over 200 food banks and feeds more than 46 million people annually. She says that her desire to help others stems from when she was young, and her family housed foster children.

She says memories like those are what drive her to help feed those in need and eliminate food waste. To that end, she is working in a pilot program called “Shredding Hunger.”

Schwoeppe encourages all ag producers to take the time to help support those in need and help cut down on food waste at home. Learn more about the efforts being made to feed the hungry on the Feeding America website.