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Dairy Farmers to Thank for Possible World Record

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by Ken Root and Whitney Newman

Hundreds of millions of people equate Winning Indy with drinking milk. The bottle of milk presentation to the winning driver, owner, and chief mechanic are traditions at Indy that have been around for decades. Now on the year of the 100th race, this one could go into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Indiana and racing fans all over the world are gearing up for the 100th Indy 500 this weekend. Hoosier dairy farmers have a longstanding connection to the race, and they’re planning something big for this Sunday; 100,000 race fans will be part of the salute to the winner.

After keeping it cold and secure all race long, Indiana dairy farmer Janet Dague, is prepared to deliver the winner of the race the sporting world’s coolest prize. Dague a race fan and third-generation dairy farmer, is proud of dairy farmers’ platform at the 500. Dague says “As an Indiana dairy farmer it makes us very proud that all of our hard work goes into making that milk, the tradition, and how it is celebrated at the Indianapolis 500.”

For the historic 100th running this Sunday, Hoosier dairy farmers and the speedway have a plan for race fans to be part of the milk presentation to the winner. According to ADA-Indiana general manager Deb Osz,”We will have 100 pints of ice cold milk, and we will be distributing that to race fans as they come in throughout the day.” Fans will grab free milk and stick it in a cooler as they toast the winner together after the race, all thanks to Indian dairy farmers.